Pick up and Drop off service

Our huskysafari programs price include PICK UP service from Levi.

Huskysafari programs meeting point is FRONT OF LEVI TOURIST OFFICE
After huskysafari program, we come back to Levi tourist office.

Huskysafari programs starts daily mostly at 10 a.m and 14 p.m

BE READY TO GO 5-10 MIN before departure time.

LEVI TOURIST OFFICE  blue "info" building 

GOOGLE MAPS   RQ4X+29 Sirkka, Kittilä

Map to Levi Tourist office

Huskysafari Levi | Tundra Huskies

Huskysafari Levi

Original Huskysafari Levi

Tundra Huskies Huskyfarm Levi

Levi Huskypark Levi Polar Speed