Tundra Huskies Huskysafari

** Original husky safaris in Levi **

** We have original arctic Siberian Huskies **

** We have also Reindeers on our Huskyfarm **

Our Operational Policy

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KSS - knowledge, skills, safety
- We have only Arctic pure breed Siberian Husky in our Huskyfarm.

- Huskysafari is always accompanied by a professional safari guide.

Sledges is modern with good brake and safe to drive.
- Husky routes maintained modern equipment.

- Huskysafari program is based on many years of experience in 
Levi Huskypark.
- Huskies welfare is very important to us basic, well-kept and trained sled dogs,our huskies is always happy to go huskysafari.

-We make Huskysafaries by original way,we don`t usually use snowmobile on huskysafari.
-Snowmobile what we use is silence,economy,four storke engine.

Huskysafari program's winter 2019 - 2020

You can book Huskysafari program directly from us :
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Email: levinhuskysafarit@gmail.com
Tel. +358 500 878 474
We work closely with LEVI TOURIST INFORMATION you can book also there Tundra Huskies Husky programs.

Program's include transfer Levi - Tundra Huskies - Levi

5km Husky Express + Huskyfarm visit

5km Husky Express + Huskyfarm visit

Go for a joyful ride trough the winter landscape.Enjoy the view by sitting in the sledge driven by a musher or drive yourself and feel the excitement of the motion.Included is an introduction of the animals in the huskyfarm,huskies,dogwolves,husky puppies and reindeers… as well as hot drinks and a hot sausage next to a cosy fireplace.Duration ab.1.5 hour

Price: 115Eur/pers (1pers/sledge), 95Eur/pers (2pers/sledge), Child 0-12 Yr 70Eur

10km - 25km Huskysafari

Huskysafari on Ounasriver

Winter outing with huskies + Tundra Huskies Huskyfarm visit

Be a part of an 10km husky sledge outing in the wonderfull winter landscape of Lapland.Sit in the sledge and enjoy the scenery or drive the sledge yourself and feel the power of Husky.After Husky safari you meet our lovely huskies,Husky puppies,Reindeers on our Huskyfarm and information about the husky kennel as well as hot drinks and a hot sausage next to a cosy fireplace.Duration 2-3 hour.

Price: 10km 160Eur/pers (1pers/sledge),135Eur/pers (2 pers/sledge), Child 0-12 Yr 90Eur

15km 220Eur/pers (1pers/sledge), 185Eur/pers (2pers/sledge), Child 0-12 Yr 100Eur

25km 270Eur/pers (1pers/sledge), Child 0-12 Yr 120E

Snow village Huskysafari 15km

Promisedland huskysafari

Lunch Huskysafari 15km + Huskyfarm visit

Our outing begins in Levi Huskyfarm. From there we continue with husky sledges via Raudusvaara along the Ounasriver. In the Promised Land you can enjoy the ambiance of a Laplander's hut, sit next to a cosy fireplace. The menu will consist of salmonsoup or reindeersoup and freshly baked bread and for the dessert there will be Finnish pancakes with coffee or tea. Duration around 3 hours.

Price: 220Eur/pers (1pers/sledge), 185Eur/pers (2pers/sledge), Child 0-12 Yr 100Eur

Wilderness lakes husky tour 25km

Wilderness lake 25 km

Wilderness lakes husky tour 25Km + Tundra Huskies Huskyfarm visit

We start our trip from the Köngäs and head out husky sledges towards the uninhabited northern wilds.Drive yourself or enjoy the ride in the sledge.During our tour we will visit several lakes resided only by wild animals.There is possibility to pause for photos.After the safari,sausages and hot drinks are served in a Laplander's hut.Duration 3-4 hours.

Price: 25km 270Eur/pers ( 1pers/sledge), Child 0-12 Yr 120Eur

Day husky safari to art gallery Pöntsö 50km

50km Husky safari

Day 50Km excursion to the Pöntsö art gallery + Levi Huskypark visit

The excursion (50km) begins at the Levi Huskypark. Drive yourself or enjoy the ride in the sledge. We head the husky sledge through the beautiful winter landscape to the art gallery of Reijo Raekallio. Raekallio presents his art in varied styles and media and it is full of mythology, nature and life. After the visit to the gallery we will enjoy lunch in a laplander´s hut and drive home to Levi Huskypark. Duration around 6 hours.Also it's possible make huskysafari "only one way" so you can book,nice hotel and sauna after huskysafari at Pöntsö.

Price 350Eur/pers (1pers/sledge), Child 0-12 Yr 200Eur

Program's include:

- Guiding by English or Finnish.
- Transfer Levi - Tundra Huskies - Levi.
- Hot drinks and sausages by open fire.
- VAT 10%.

Contact Information :

Take contact to us  CLICK HERE
Tel. +358 500 878 474

Photos around the Tundra Huskies

Laplander's hut on moonlight

Inside cottage

Auroras and husky route

Huskysafari and lot of snow

14 huskies team

Self driver's husky teams

Sisters and brothers

Husky puppies

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